Day 1 Scores and schedule from the 2015 Surf N’ Slam

📁 2015 Surf N' Slam 🕔29.December 2015
Day 1 Scores and schedule from the 2015 Surf N’ Slam

MONDAY’S GAME SCORES (December 28th)

Boy’s “Surf” Score Player of Game Boy’s “Slam” Score Player of Game
Westlake 62 Asa McCord Lakeland 63 Connor Evenhouse
Mission Bay 47 Jerome Crayton-Sherman University City 35 Drake Aguon
Woodcreek 63 Jordan Brown St. Stephens 64 DeAnthony Owens
St. Benedict 52 Devante Douse Kamiak 59 Carson Tuttle
Union 65 Nico Bricke Bishop Blanchet 41 Kegan Crosby
Bullitt East 61 Tyler Sharp AJ Dimond 39 Eric Jenkins
Granite Bay 61 Charlie Tooley Sequoia 56 Zach Bene
Davis 52 Landon Swartz Lake Mary 46 Matt Upper
Boy’s “San Diego” Score Player of the Game Girl’s “Surf” Score Player of Game
Lake Stevens 37 Trey Pavitt Riverside 60 Shae Sanchez
Lathrop 35 Gabriel Howard Eastlake 54 Gina Marxen
Mark Morris 53 Garrett Berger Mercer Island 60 Anna Luce
Pioneer 52 Kent Stepan Davis 30 Kelsey Forrester
Whitney 76 Kyle Price Kings 41 Daylee Hanson
Sprague 61 Teagan Quitoriano Concordia 28 Samantha Powell
Auburn 81 Malik Williams Lakeside 51 Kelly Keene
Hoover 46 Baka Gowolo Sturgeon 19 Sam Runyon
Girl’s “Slam” Score Player of Game Boy’s “Sun” Score Player of Game
WinstonChurchill 53 Cecilia Bao Scripps Ranch 59 Carsten DenHerder
Battle Ground 45 Kylie Smith Life Christian 47 Luke Lovelady
Redmond 71 Sierra Craig Central Bucks 47 Tommy Strasburger
Colony 40 Chase Stephens Lowell 37 Issac Finestone
    Sumner 62 Kristian Lewis
Livermore 59 Jordan Cisneros


TUESDAY’S GAMES (December 29th): (Double-check your game time).

At Mission Bay High School Home Team   (white)   Away Team   (colored) Time
Boys “Surf” Division Mission Bay (CA) vs. St. Benedict (CAN) (15) 8:30am
  Bullitt East (KY) (23) vs. Davis (UT) (25) 10:00am
  Westlake (UT) (20) vs. Woodcreek (CA) (18) 4:15pm
  Union (WA) (18) vs. Granite Bay (CA) (17) 6:00 pm
Boys “San Diego” Division Lathrop (AK) (20) vs. Pioneer (CA) (19) 11:30am
  Sprague (OR) (20) vs. Hoover (CA) (local) 1:15pm
  Lake Stevens (WA) (13) vs. Mark Morris (WA) (12) 2:45pm
At Scripps Ranch High School        
Girls “Surf” Division Eastlake (WA) (13) vs. Davis (CA) (13) 8:30am
  Concordia (NE) (15) – DRIVE vs. Sturgeon (ALB) (13) 10:00am
  Riverside (CAN) (14) vs. Mercer Island (WA) (19) 4:15pm
  Kings (WA) (16) vs. Lakeside (WA) (19) 6:00pm
Boys “Sun” Division Scripps Ranch (CA) (local) vs. Central Bucks East (PA) (20) 11:30am
  Lowell (CA) (15) vs. Livermore (CA) DRIVE 1:15pm
  Sumner (WA) (14) vs. Life Christian (WA) (14) 2:45pm
At University City High School
Girls “Slam” Division Colony (AK) (14) vs. Battle Ground (WA) (14) 8:30am
  Redmond (WA) (14) vs. Winston Churchill (CAN) (20) 10:00am
Boys “Slam” Division University City (CA) (local) vs. Kamiak (WA) (16) 11:30am
  AJ Dimond (AK) (18) vs. Lake Mary Prep (16) 1:15pm
  Lakeland (WI) (9) vs. St. Stephen’s (TX) (14) 4:15pm
  Bishop Blanchet (WA) (16) vs. Sequoia (CA) DRIVE 6:00pm
Boys “San Diego” Division Whitney (CA) (19) vs. Auburn (WA) (17) 2:45pm

DANCE WEDNESDAY NIGHT… time to prep your “Whip it and Nae Nae” to conclude your Surf’ N Slam tournament experience. The dance begins tomorrow night at 8:00pm in the ballroom; it will last about 2 ½ hours and conclude at 10:30pm. Remember your wristbands! PEOPLE WITHOUT WRISTBANDS WILL NOT BE LET INTO THE DANCE AT ANY TIME DURING THE EVENING.   SORRY, no exceptions.
Coaches & chaperones please plan to be present at the dance to help us monitor the actions & behavior of your teams!

COACHES we haven’t left you out – join us Wednesday night at 8pm for a coaches’ reception in the Cabrillo Room. Food and drinks will be provided. Don’t forget to stop by the tournament booth Wednesday for your gift. We look forward to seeing you!

CURFEW: Just a reminder that there is an “in your room and quiet” curfew of 11:30pm each night.

FROM THE MARRIOTT SECURITY STAFF: The Marriott is serious about SAFETY. There is a ZERO tolerance policy for any Surf’ N Slam participant causing any sort of disruption on hotel premises. Please remember if you are caught throwing things off the balcony, doing graffiti, drugs or alcohol, the police will be contacted and you will be immediately evicted. Have fun responsibly, make great choices and there shouldn’t be any problems.

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