2014 Surf N’ Slam Champions crowned in San Diego

📁 2014 Surf N' Slam 🕔31.December 2014
2014 Surf N’ Slam Champions crowned in San Diego

CONGRATULATIONS!  There were some outstanding games yesterday and some incredible individual play.  Congratulations to every team and player for great efforts.

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SAN DIEGO AIRPORT BUSSES:  Board your bus at the FRONT of the hotel. Double check your departure time on the schedule on back.

CHECKING OUT OF THE HOTEL:  Please leave enough time to check out of the hotel before your bus departs (usually about 15-30 minutes prior to your bus departure).  Also, you must pay all incidentals upon checkout (movies, restaurant charges, phone, etc.) or they will automatically be billed to your credit card. For teams with a departure past 4pm please see Erik regarding late checkout.

EVALUATION FORMS:  We’d appreciate you taking the time to fill out the evaluation form.  Thanks so much for your input.  There are more forms on the lobby booth table.  Leave them in the box on the table by 11 am today and we’ll pick them up.

CHECK OUT OUR PHOENIX TOURNAMENT:  We also run the Phoenix Cactus Jam December 26-31 that many of you have already participated in.  Maybe next year we’ll see you in Phoenix . . . . or back here again for the Surf ‘N Slam!  CACTUSJAM.NET

SURF’N SLAM 2015 Love your time in San Diego? Want to come back next year? Tournament Director Erik is currently signing up teams for next year.

FAREWELL, THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK!!    We wish you all the best in 2015!  We hope to see you again in the future and thank you for coming!  God bless you in the New Year!!


Boy’s “Surf” Score Finish Player of Game Boy’s “Slam” Score Finish Player of Game
Mission Bay 41 1 Justin Moore
Charlie Tooley
Sacred Heart 68 1 Mason Randall
Tyson Birrer
Granite Bay 39 2 Sumner 56 2
Bergen Catholic 59 3 Pierfransesco Oliva Preston Sanchez Kamiak 65 3 Coleman Gray
Mateen Hibrod
Copper Hills 55 5 Bentley 59 5
Bainbridge 54 4 Ben Beatie
David Cunningham
Eastlake 44 4 Ethan Thompson
Nicholas Brunette
Bella Vista 46 6 Scripps Ranch 41 6
Skyline 57 7 Braden AhlemeyerMichael Corchiani Central Regional 73 7 Eric Bescript
Muhammed Jallow
Country Day 52 8 York 26 8
Boy’s “San Diego” Score Finish Player of Game Girl’s “Surf” Score Finish Player of Game
Pioneer 58 1 Branden Keding
Alex Ward
Southlake Carroll 56 1 Kennedy Leonard
Anna Hurd
Piedmont 53 2 Sumner 53 2
North Union 62 3 Ronnie Rayburn
Logan Bolin
Woodinville 51 3 Rachel Schenck
Alexis Flores
Midview 37 5 Silvercreek 35 5
Casa Roble 58 4 Greg BakerAdrian Bautista Marshall County 51 4 Hanah Langhi
Annie Boasberg
University City 46 6 Sidwell Friends 44 6
Girl’s “Slam” Score Finish Player of Game Boy’s “Sun” Score Finish Player of Game
Burlington-Edison 78 1 Tyra Lopez
Emma Anderson
Riverside 63 1 Tyler Axtell
Javon Brown
South Anchorage 35 2 Mission Bay II 36 2
Orange Glenn 41 3 Sienna Rocha San Lorenzo 76 3 Sebastian Vroman-Nell
Muckleshoot 28      4       Sheylynn Lozier White Rock Christian 39 4 Riley Park



Boys “Surf” All-Stars Boys “Slam” All-Stars
MVP Justin Moore, Mission Bay (San Diego,CA) MVP Corbin Koch, Sacred Heart (Atherton, CA)
  Devon Hillard, Mission Bay (San Diego, CA)   Mason Randall, Sacred Heart (Atherton, CA)
  Ben Beatie, Bainbridge (Bainbridge, WA)   Tyson Birrer, Sumner (WA)
  Charlie Tooley, Granite Bay (CA)   Coleman Gray, Kamiak (Mukilteo, WA)
  Pierfransesco Olivia, Bergen Catholic (Ordell, NJ)   Jordan Lester, Eastlake (Sammamish, WA)
  David Cunningham, Bella Vista (Fair Oaks,CA)   Mateen Hirbod, Bently (Oakland, CA)
Boys “San Diego” All-Stars Girls “Surf” All-Stars  
MVP Jelani Marsh, Pioneer (San Jose,CA) MVP Kennedy Leonard, Southlake Carroll (TX)  
  Greg Baker, Casa Roble (Orangeville, CA)   Priscilla Smeenge, Southlake Carroll (TX)  
  Daimion Mahone, Midview (Grafton, OH)   Kiarra Lynch, Silvercreek (San Jose, CA)  
  Brandon Allen, North Union (Richwood,OH)   Rachel Schenck, Woodinville (WA)  
  Jordan Torio, Pioneer (San Jose, CA)   Jamie Lange, Sumner (WA)  
  John Nowell, Pioneer (San Jose, CA)   Bailey Greer, Marshall County (Benton, KY)  
Girls “Slam” All-Stars Boys “Sun” All-Stars  
MVP Edie Breckenridge, Burlington-Edison (WA) MVP Kevin Huggins, Riverside (Chattaroy, WA)  
  Tyra Lopez, Burlington-Edison (WA)   Tyler Axtell, Riverside (Chattaroy, WA)  
  Olivia Capron, Burlington-Edison (WA)   Javon Brown, Mission Bay II (San Diego, CA)  
  Sabrina Ungaro, South Anchorage, (AK)   Sebastian Vroman-Nell, San Lorenzo Valley (Felton,CA)  
  Isabella Lada, South Anchorage, (AK)   Riley Becker, White Rock Christian (Surrey, BC)  
  Myckenzi Courville, Muckleshoot (Auburn, WA)   Marcus Nickerson, Mission Bay II (San Diego, CA)
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